Up to a quarter of young people will have experienced a

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pandora earrings At nationals. The meet will take place at the state of the art indoor oval in the Pomeroy Sport Centre. This is one of only two 400 metre indoor ovals in Canada; the other is in Calgary. Intention to treat analyses confirmed these findings. Improvements were maintained at follow up. The frequency of adverse events classified as “possibly” or “probably” related to the intervention did not differ between groups (SPARX n=11; treatment as usual n=11).Conclusions SPARX is a potential alternative to usual care for adolescents presenting with depressive symptoms in primary care settings and could be used to address some of the unmet demand for treatment.Up to a quarter of young people will have experienced a depressive disorder by the age of 19 pandora charms,1 which is a major cause of disability.2 Effective therapies exist,3 with cognitive behavioural therapy recommended as the preferred treatment for mild to moderate depressive disorder.4 However, fewer than a fifth of young people with depressive disorder receive treatment,5 6 partly because of shortages in the workforce7 and partly because young people may be reluctant to seek traditional help.8 Computerised therapy offers a potential way forward and may appeal to today’s “digital natives.”9 The cost of computerised therapy is likely to be substantially lower than traditional therapy and can increase access to treatment.10Computerised cognitive behavioural therapy is effective for depressed adults,11 although adherence to treatment can be problematic.12 Recent reviews identified only eight studies on four computerised interventions for depression in children and adolescents.13 14 None was a randomised controlled trial of the effectiveness of the intervention as a treatment for depression, but both reviews concluded that this approach is promising pandora earrings.

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